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Membership for 2017 is $85.00 with a $5.00 credit card surcharge until July 1st 2017. SCGA Memberships are now on a 12 month term from the day you sign up. You have the option for an Automatic Renewal or you can choose to do that manually.

Your membership won't activate until you click the PURCHASE NOW: 2017 New Members link on the payment page that opens when you submit your application. Once you're credit card info is accepted, and we update the database you are an active member.

If you wish to sign up the old fashioned way, use the 2017 Membership Form from the link on the left on the home page or in the Putter Patter and send it with a check to Roger Saevig (address on the form).

Current members can renew your 2016 membership for 2017 by using the "Players" link above, select your name, then click the

RENEW NOW: 2017 Knollwood Membership

link under your name.

An email address is required so we can inform you of events and changes through email to all members. It will not be published for other members to see on your player page unless you want it to be.

Once you have become an active member, you can then decide what information is to be shown or not-shown on your own player webpage.
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