Presidents Message
Last Updated: 08/20/17

President’s Message November 2015


Greetings guys and thank you to all who brought friends and participated in last months 50 years of the KMGC Celebration Tournament. We had 60 people come out and our guests were received by all of you with a warm welcome and a great day at our course. Impressed by the camaraderie of our members, the excellent condition of our course and the very acceptable pace of play, we have promises from many for return visits and actually signed up several new members. 


To some it seems that membership numbers equate to the overall  success of the Club but it is our stand that the character of the membership and integrity of our leadership is the actual measuring rod. We are surrounded by men that hold the Spirit of the Game and the well being of the guys around them as more important than winning or losing, prize money or membership numbers. As we gathered last month it was a time to remember and appreciate that legacy of the KMGC. There are so many remarkable men that made the Club into what it is today that we’ve never had the privilege of knowing. There is one guy however whom we all have met and have experienced first hand what all of that looks like in real life that is no longer with us. Our dear friend Dale Davis passed away last month on October 13th. Learning of Dale’s passing we felt it appropriate to dedicate both our 50 year Celebration and this years Partners Cup to him. I remember him well and often. With grace and kindness, humility and compassion Dale was a friend to everyone he met and all of us who knew him are the better for it. You will be sincerely missed and reverently remembered Dale and your spirit will live on with the many that have been blessed by you.


Keeping the legacy alive depends on all of us. The names change from time to time but the spirit remains. At this months meeting we will be voting in new officers and revising our by-laws. Change toward improvement is healthy and necessary to better serve the changing needs of our Club. If you would like a say in these matters please attend. The particulars are laid out for you later in this issue as well as the date and time. 


Once again I would like to thank you all who make Knollwood your home and help make it what it is today. Here’s to the next 50 years. May they be as good as the last.

See you soon, Anthony Martino 











































































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