Knollwood Mens Club Tournament Rules
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USGA Rules Govern ALL Play Except As Modified
by these LOCAL RULES

(1 )   A Lateral Hazard has been created along the fences on the right side of hole
number one (#1) and the left side of hole number five (#5). This Lateral Hazard
extends from the Tee Box to the end of the fence (end of driving range) on #1
and from the Tee Box to the end of the fence on the left side of#5
. The Lateral
Hazard extends from the bottom of the fence, which is a boundary line
, back into
the course twelve inches (12") and runs the length of the fence. A ball coming to
rest in this zone will be deemed to be in a lateral hazard and Rule 26 applies
(the ball can be played as it lies, or under penalty of one stroke, the ball can be
dropped two club lengths from the nearest margin of the hazard, no closer to the
hole). A ball coming to rest outside the fence is out of bounds and must be
replayed under penalty of stroke and distance. (Rule 27) (The average grip, and
this page are 11" in length)

(2)    Obstructions are in accordance with Rule 24 with the following additions and
clarifications: Paved or unpaved roads or cart paths and cart path ends, Cement
drains (not marked as hazards), and French drains (ONLY IF ROCKS ARE
Note: relief from cement drains shall be taken from point of entry. (Rule 24-2)

(3)   Sprinkler Heads: Relief can be taken from Sprinkler Heads that are within two
(2) club lengths of the green and the ball lies within two (2) club lengths of the
sprinkler head AND in line with the hole
. Ball can be lifted, cleaned and dropped
on nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole. (Rule 24-2) If ball comes to rest
on the green, it shall be placed on the point that it first struck the course.

(4)    KEEP PACE WITH THE GROUP AHEAD. If a group finishes more than 20
minutes behind the group ahead, a 2 stroke penalty for each player in the group
may be assessed. (Rule 6-7)

(5)   The Tournament Committee may designate a Tournament "Referee" for any
and all disputed decisions regarding play. In lieu of an appointed "Referee",
the Tournament Chairman is deemed the official Referee and his decisions
are final. (Rule 34-2)