February 2017
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Check out the new KMGC Photo Gallery with photos from the old website, and the Putter Patter archive with Putter Patters back to 2005. You can access the photos here and the Putter Patters here, or from the new "Links" section below.

Tournament Info

Feb 26 - Past Presidents Low Gross / Low Net
Mar 19 - Partners Better Ball
Apr 23 - Partners Scramble

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Tournament Rules

See the tournament rules page for a copy of our tournament rules.

Putter Patter

The February Putter Patter is here. Use the link at the top left or click here

If any of you did not get an E-Mail this month PLEASE correct your email address on your PLAYER PROFILE page.  You can now update your own player information. Your password is your GHIN number (unless you changed it).

Internet Posting

If you forgot to post your score at the course, please post your scores online

The men's club has approved posting of scores via the internet. This is only to be used when you forget or are unable to post your score at the course. To post your score via the internet is, go to the 

SCGA Post a Score page.

To calculate your course index, go to the GHIN Course Handicap Calculator

KMGC Photo Gallery

Putter Patter Archive
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February 14
Knollwood CC 
5:00 p.m. 


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Rules of Golf
This is a "Must Read!"
Know the rules - it's to your advantage! If you'd like a copy of the rules, we have copies available at the meetings, and tournaments.

See our Local Tournament Rules 

and the
Rules of Golf from the United States Golf Association and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews 
For a quick look at the rules, see the
Rules Of Golf FAQ
on the USGA site

Upcoming Tournaments
March 19 (Sun)  7:00 AM- March Partners Better Ball
Sign-up Online
Format: Team Better Ball  at Knollwood Country Club

Deadline: March 9
Maximum Number of Players: 48
COST: $20.00
Contact: Roger Saevig
April 23 (Sun)  7:00 AM- April Partners Scramble
Sign-up Online
Format: Team Scramble  at Knollwood Country Club

Deadline: April 13
Maximum Number of Players: 48
COST: $20.00
Contact: Roger Saevig
May 21 (Sun)  7:00 AM- May Memorial Low Gross / Low Net
Sign-up Online
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Knollwood Country Club

Deadline: May 11
Maximum Number of Players: 48
COST: $20.00
Contact: Roger Saevig